At Flavor Valley Foods, we love creating unique, specialty food items that are different than anything you’ve tasted before.

We develop high quality, natural, specialty food products derived from only the finest ingredients – in a one-of-a-kind handcrafted approach.

Flavor Valley Foods was born out of the idea of bringing unique, homemade recipes to others. For years, company founder Mike Kraynak enjoyed his homemade creations and his mom’s recipes, often sharing with family and friends. Their enthusiasm for these unique creations prompted Mike to find a way to make these items available to others. Working tirelessly to perfect the recipes, Mike now brings these items to market with Flavor Valley Foods.

Flavor Valley Foods breakthrough product is Taste Toppers™, a unique blend of extra-virgin olive oil, herbs, spices, and salt. It’s a natural and healthy way to enhance the flavor of your favorite foods, including popcorn, potatoes, fish, chicken, and vegetables. Taste Toppers come in several flavor profiles sure to please those who value great taste and good health at the same time.

Flavor Valley Foods
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